Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Baby Steps

Well, as I struggle through both a bad back and a throat infection (bonus!), I thought yesterday about Carl Nassib.

Nassib is a defensive end for the Oakland Raiders, and he came out as gay yesterday. And you know what was nice? 

It wasn't a big deal. 

Nobody threw out their ice-cold take about how it might "disrupt" the locker room. Nobody said it would make his teammates question him. I didn't hear one idiot take yesterday. 

Remember just seven years ago when Michael Sam came out before the draft? Pearl clutchers were out in full force, talking about "team chemistry" and every other possible vague term for "we don't like gay people." It was a huge deal. 

I've never really understood why everyone who wasn't white, male and Christian had to fight to be treated equally for over two centuries in this country. And, in many cases, still aren't.

Still, though, this is progress

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