Thursday, June 24, 2021

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, and it's a mind-blowing story: A fake wedding, and a $250,000 scam

This is a fascinating and remarkable story: The Man Who Put Out Fires with Music.

Someone took the details of this incident and wound it into a deliciously subversive story ("there is no indication the incident had anything to do with the price of lumber" is Hall of Fame quality): Police break up exorcism inside Home Depot store

From Wally, and it's fantastic: ISS Expedition 66 patch, 2021. This is a wonderful rabbit hole: Once Upon a Time

From Chris Meadowcraft, and it's fascinating: Dark Fish

From C. Lee, and it's another kind of scam: Why are glasses so expensive? The eyewear industry prefers to keep that blurry. This is an incredible story: Romania asked Peter Falk to help prevent an uprising after the country ran out of Columbo episodes. A legendary semiconductor designer: An AnandTech Interview with Jim Keller: 'The Laziest Person at Tesla'. More boldly, indeed: Antidepressants in Our Water Make Crayfish Go Buck Wild. Seems intriguing: Rip and Tear Your Through Love in This 'Doom' Dating Game. Very clever: New Patch Fixes Glitch That Made Pen Mightier Than Sword.

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