Thursday, June 17, 2021


Today's edition of Dubious Quality is brought to you standing up, because even though I can still swing hard enough to hit a golf ball really far, that doesn't mean I should.

Slipways is the first game I want to talk about. It's a space strategy game that takes about thirty minutes a session to play. Basically, you're just exploring planets to see what kinds of trade they support, then connecting planets with inputs/outputs so that everything is optimized. There is also an excellent tech tree to explore, if you build science laboratories and supply them with personnel and resources. 

I know that sounds simple, but it is staggeringly satisfying to watch planets become more successful as you build networks of planets that work with each other. Very flow state, for me, and I highly recommend it. $16.99, and worth every penny.

The second game is just a demo, for now: Ogopogo (yes, I also love that name so much). It's a form of Tetris, but instead of shapes you're creating color palindromes with tiles. The way it bends your brain is entirely wonderful, and it's releasing on August 27 with lots of additional gameplay and modes. The demo is absolutely worth checking out.

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