Thursday, June 24, 2021

State of Illness

All right, let's do it. 

I decided on Monday that I wanted to make an origami daisy, because my brain was mush and I am very cheevo-oriented. 

Also, because I am insane. Origami is excruciatingly precise. 

I found an excellent video, and then I couldn't make it to the end, because of one particularly maddening fold. Then I found a second video, much like the first video, and I made it quite well until at 6:15 he does some kind of sorcerer's move not of this Earth. 

Even worse, even trying to do this fold of the dark arts unfolds a bunch of other things, and how did those things fold originally? I have no idea. 

I persevered. 

I failed on the first day, and the second. On the third, today, using a paper twice the correct size, I somehow managed to do it correctly. However, my chances of doing it with the half-sized paper are essentially zero stretching into forever. 

So here's a link to the video: How to make a Paper "Daisy Flower" - Modular Origami. If you have idle time, and are so inclined, have your whack at this Everest of disappointment. If you do it successfully, send me a picture, and you will be forever enshrined in the Dubious Quality Origami Hall of Fame, which is a thing that doesn't exist but it will be starting immediately. 

Unsuccessful attempts may also be enshrined, depending on their comedy level. 

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