Thursday, July 15, 2021

Friday Links!

This is a tremendous read: Did lead poisoning cause downfall of Roman Empire? The jury is still out.

This is one of my favorite covers ever, a joyous Foo Fighters rendition of "You Should Be Dancing"

Terrific links from C. Lee. First, and this is infamous, it's < Bobby Bonilla Day. This is both hilarious and amazing; Why does a ’90s Japanese drama theme song calm crying babies? An acoustics expert explains. Unfortunately, this is probably true: In 2030, You Won't Own Any Gadgets. Tip of the future iceberg: Prenatal test developed with Chinese military stores gene data. China is full of incursions this week: Dozens of Chinese phone games now require facial scans to play at night. This is wonderful, and I remember really enjoying the game (man, I'm old): Today I learned about Karateka’s 37-year-old easter egg.

From Wally, and these guys are badasses, every one: You don't need visual effects if you have steel balls. This is so striking: Why Championship Chess Sets Are So Expensive. This is promising: Instagram Has Become SkyMall. These are amazing: River Rockets of the Soviet Space Age. Man overboard: Flying fish: video shows Utah wildlife agency restocking lake by plane.

From Jonathon W., and I never got the Beastie Boys: Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock Lists His Lakefront Midcentury for $975K.

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