Wednesday, July 21, 2021

I Can't Say I'm Surprised

This: interest in going to the moon.

Even as a handful of billionaires prepare for space travel, Americans don’t seem very interested in participating themselves. Per a recent YouGovAmerica survey, 42 percent of adults said they would not want to take a trip to the moon if given the opportunity and a guaranteed safe return, while half (50 percent) said they would. Notably, men (58 percent) were more likely than women (42 percent) to say they were interested. When asked why not, the biggest reason Americans gave was that they simply weren’t interested, while 9 percent said they rejected the hypothetical question’s premise of a guaranteed safe return; 8 percent said there was not a lot to see or do on the moon. 

I mean, they're not wrong. 

Now we have more "percenters." We already have the "three" dumbasses, a fine example of humanity at its absolute worst. 

I thought those were the only percenters I had to worry about. 

Nope, here comes the eights. 

JFK, rephrased: We choose not to go to the Moon not because it's hard, but because it's boring.

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