Thursday, July 15, 2021

It's A Logical Question

I took a friend who will remain nameless to her colonoscopy today. 

On the way out, still a little wobbly, she was talking about how she really wasn't uncomfortable, and how it didn't hurt at all. 

I thought about alien anal probes, as one does.

"All the people who say they've been kidnapped by aliens talk about being anally probed, but how much would it hurt, really? Their technology would have to be more sophisticated than ours." 

She agreed, wobblily. 

"Plus, what are they even doing back there?" I asked. "We're talking about a superintelligence that transcends ours, and their go-to move is to head straight for the anal cavity? I'm not buying it."

Her response was garbled and will not be repeated here. 

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