Tuesday, August 10, 2021

It Was The Best Of Chairs, It Was The Worst Of Chairs

So I got this chair. 

Writing is hard on your body, believe it or not. Very hard. Sitting for four hours a day, plus forgetting to move because you're so focused, is murder on your hips and your back. 

Mine, specifically. 

I've been sitting in a simple wooden chair, and my hips have been enough of a problem that I broke down and did some chair research. I had an expensive Herman Miller chair a long time ago, and it was supposed to be the most supportive, healthy chair ever. 

And I hated it. 

It was just hard plastic, really. Not comfortable at all. 

This time, I kept seeing one company get mentioned: Secretlab. Their Titan Evo chair seemed to be loved by everyone, and it was both highly supportive and relatively inexpensive (under $500, which isn't much for a high-end chair). 

I bit the bullet and bought one. 

I'll just say this straight out: I've never had a greater assembly experience in my life. Immaculate packaging, impeccable instructions. It was a master class in how to make it easy to assemble a product. 

And the chair is incredibly comfortable, even though it's very firm. 

I couldn't believe the greatness of this chair. I would have given it the coveted Dubious Quality Award of Greatness, which doesn't actually exist, but I was thinking of creating it just for this chair. 

If only it didn't smell. 

I don't mean some minor odor, either. It smells like I painted the entire apartment. It reeks. I had to resort to the Dickensian punishment of locking it in the second bathroom until it smelled less. I've been shuttling it around to make sure that there was no odor in the main space where I write. 

This is the fifth day, and it still smells. It's gotten better, but it still has a long way to go. 

And yet. 

It's still an incredible chair, and I can't wait to use it all the time when I write. It'll be fantastic. And Secretlab even offered to send me some upholstery cleaner (this isn't the first time this has come up, based on Reddit). 

So if you want an amazing, quality chair that isn't too expensive, this is the chair for you. You'll just need a place to air it out for the first week. Damn it. 

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