Thursday, December 23, 2021

Friday Links!

Best wishes for the holiday to everyone! 

From Wally, and I approve: 1 HOUR - Relaxing Dumpster Fire Ambience. What a school (and drone shot, too): World's longest drone fpv one shot. These are absolutely brilliant: Machinalia : Boris Artzybasheff’s Fantastic Visions of Living Machines. Somehow this is stupidly funny: Kommander Karl Reload Compilation 1. I mean, don't we all kind of feel this way? Bear Roughs Up Inflatable Rudolph

From David Gloier, and it's fascinating: 'Wind' from Earth's middle layer blows through a secret passage beneath Panama. I feel like this gets refuted six months from now, but it's still entertaining: The Surprising Way AC/DCs Music Is Being Used By Medical Researchers. That's a lot of shoes: A millipede with 1,300 legs has been found in Australia. It's a new record by far. 

From Meg McReynolds, and it's totally clever: You Feel The Christmas Spirit (When You’re Singing Songs by Jews). These are so spectacular: When Salvador Dalí Created Christmas Cards That Were Too Avant Garde for Hallmark (1960)

From C. Lee, and it's a gripping story: Haiti’s Leader Kept a List of Drug Traffickers. His Assassins Came for It. This could be life-saving: What to Do When Someone's Having a Heart Attack, so You're Not Carrie F---ing Bradshaw. This is thought-provoking: The internet runs on free open-source software. Who pays to fix it? The first half of this game is still one of my favorites of all-time: War Stories: How Deus Ex was almost too complex for its own good. Good grief, they make you get the damn account to start with: Could GDPR policy erase your games? It happened to an Ubisoft customer. And now I'll never consider buying a Toyota again: Toyota Now Charges a Subscription Fee to Use Remote Start Functionality.

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