Thursday, December 23, 2021


The hot water heater in the house has a limited capacity. 

This makes shower strategy particularly important. The water can go from boiling to icy in less than a minute, and if Eli 20.4 is showering downstairs at the same time, it's brutal. I was cold for hours earlier this week after running out of hot water right at the start. 

This morning, it was 10:40 and I'd just finished writing. Eli was still asleep, so I thought I'd take my shower with no competition. 

Within two minutes, the water started to change temperature. Uh-oh. 

I finished as quickly as I could, and while I was toweling off, Eli came upstairs. 

"One of us hot-blocked the other," I said. "I don't know which one of us did it."

He burst out laughing. 

"I was asleep and I heard you getting into the shower," he said. "Since the water heater is downstairs, my shower has priority over yours. So I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom to get my shower in."

We were both laughing so hard at this point that he could barely even finish the story. Many insults were exchanged, with even more laughter.

"To hell with you," I said. "Happy holidays."

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