Thursday, January 27, 2022

Friday Links!

What a huge week for links.

From Eric Higgins-Freese, and it's fascinating: The weird way we discovered longitude

From Wally, and it's an excellent read: The Man Who Started World War II. This seems unnecessary, but interesting: Watch RUSSIAN DareDevil SMASH Through VAN Window at 50MPH. This is amazing (and the ship is stupidly big): Enormous superyacht squeezes under Dutch bridges. Ah, the teddy bear toss: Teddy bear toss sets new world record at Hershey Bears. I'm assuming quite a few pints were involved before this was attempted: Two men take corpse into Irish post office to claim dead man’s pension. The fist comment following this video is so golden: Horizontal Spinning Kick Breaking - 720° Spinning Kick Quadruple Breaking.

From Paul Adams, and this is an astonishing story: This 22-year-old builds chips in his parents’ garage.

From Ralph CT, and it may not be the only thing trying to escape: Robot vacuum cleaner escapes from Cambridge Travelodge.

Terrific links from C. Lee. First, and this is very pertinent, it's Why So Many People Still Don't Understand Anti-Semitism. A recent example: Tennessee-based adoption agency refuses to help couple because they're Jewish. Unbelievable: Virginia Beach Police used forged forensic documents in interrogations. This is fantastic: Halting Progress and Happy Accidents: How mRNA Vaccines Were Made. This was a long time coming: Why The U.S. Has A Massive Lithium Supply Problem. Oops! The Horned Helmets Falsely Attributed to Vikings Are Actually Nearly 3,000 Years Old. This is a terrific read: Inside the FBI’s Colossal Fingerprint Factory.  

From DQ Artist Fredrik Skarstedt, and it's an astonishing story: The only time in WW2 that the German Wehrmacht and the US Army fought ON THE SAME SIDE in WW2. 

David Gloier, and I swear, if this were today, you'd have 40% of the country lining up to defend it: Custer's Revenge and the Atari 2600 Porno Games: The Full Story

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