Thursday, January 20, 2022

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, and it's obviously low-hanging fruit, but here you go: Pre-pandemic cognitive function and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: cohort study

The University of Michigan president was fired this week for cleverly conducting an affair with a subordinate using his work e-mail. And the university released the emails. Hilarity ensued:
lonely m - a love song.

This is from Meg (more links from here below), but it's important enough to have its own space: After opposition to her MLK Day speech, Nikole Hannah-Jones swapped her words for his.

Here's a terrific read: We don’t know why, but being in space causes us to destroy our blood

This is very, very bad: The trouble with Roblox, the video game empire built on child labour

From Wally, and it's utterly delightful: Mechanical Masterpieces. Here's an excellent bit of history: The Movies and Stories than Inspired Dave Arneson to Invent the Dungeon Crawl

From David Gloier, and dogs are amazing (even though I'm a cat person): Who’s a clever dog? Scientists study secrets of canine cognition

From Jonathon Wood, and it's an entertaining read: How Capicola Became Gabagool: The Italian New Jersey Accent, Explained

From Meg McReynolds, and I hear he's been working quite hard for years: Spain: Badger thought to have found Roman treasure. This is amazing: Scientists Capture Airborne Animal DNA for the First Time

Next level from C. Lee. First, and this is a touching article, it's VOX POPULI: Poetry can be a powerful coping mechanism when tragedy strikes. This is fascinating: From Greek to Latin: Visualizing the Evolution of the Alphabet. This seems like Pandora's box: Rytr Reviewed: How the GPT-3 ‘AI Writing Assistant’ Performs In Real Life. Ex-policemen now: “Aw, screw it”: LAPD cops hunted Pokémon instead of responding to robbery. This is so bizarre: The Metaverse Is Already Here For Cows And It’s Very Sad. Something you didn't even know you needed: Someone Made a Seatbelt for Bags, and It’s Actually Kind of Genius

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