Tuesday, January 11, 2022

It's a Life Tool, Not Just a Game

The energy tornado is in town.

Eli 20.5 is blowing through on his way to going up north to ski for a day, then back to Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and London on his way back to school. 

While he was in Vancouver with his girlfriend, they ate at a restaurant in the Lookout (which is kind of like the Space Needle). Eli told the waiter that it was their first anniversary (it's not), and the waiter asked a series of probing marriage questions that resulted in Eli saying they'd honeymooned in South Africa (he had no idea why he said that). When asked where they went while they were in South Africa, his back against the wall, he reeled off a series of locations with no difficulty. 

Why? Because of GeoGuessr. 

This resulted in two very special deserts, both at no charge. 

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