Monday, January 24, 2022


Because of my age, I am uniquely positioned to have seen almost every playoff game since the AFL-NFL merger. 

I watched the first Super Bowl when I was five.

I watched the Ice Bowl, believe it or not, when I was six. I was already a huge football fan (I can't remember why). 

Since then, I might have missed a handful of playoff games in the five-plus decades following, but only a handful. 

Until Sunday, I thought the Dolphins-Chargers 41-38 overtime game in 1982 and the 49ers 28-27 win over the Cowboys (also in 1982--incredibly, those games were eight days apart!) were the best playoff games I ever saw. 

The Chiefs-Bills game topped them both, though. 

It was the greatest combined quarterback performance I've ever seen. The entire game was great players making great plays. The last two minutes of regulation, and then overtime, were beyond description. 

So many games are exciting because of mistakes, or because players choke. There was none of that here. It was just hours of non-stop brilliance. 

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