Monday, January 10, 2022

Phineas Eli Fogg

This post should be accompanied by a clever illustration. After an hour, it was clear that I was neither clever nor could do an illustration.

Eli 20.5 has been in Vancouver, and is on his way back. 

In short:
--Eli leaves Grand Rapids and drives to Ann Arbor to pick up his girlfriend (who is awesome).
--Girlfriend's COVID test doesn't come back in time. Flight to Vancouver is missed. 
--Retake COVID tests, together this time.
--After COVID results are negative, drive from Ann Arbor to Windsor, Ontario. 
--Fly on a 16-seater plane from Windsor to Toronto. 
--Fly from Toronto to Vancouver. 
--Explore Stanley Park (my favorite park in the world).
--Ski (and snowboard).
--Mush sled dogs.
--200 other things they haven't told me yet. 
--Fly from Vancouver to Toronto. 
--Take a train from Toronto to Windsor. 
--Drive from Windsor back to Ann Arbor. 
--Drive to Grand Rapids. 

TLDR: drive, test, drive, small plane, big plane, park, ski, mush, fly, train, drive.

Some very good boys (and girls):

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