Thursday, January 27, 2022

Triple digits

I was going to write about Joe Rogan, because apparently it's okay to kill people if you make money doing it, but instead of getting all hot and bothered, because Spotify clearly doesn't care, I'm going to talk about pushups instead. 

Neil Young did the right thing, though, which (in America, at least) costs you money every time.

A month ago, Eli 20.5 showed me a small part of his workout, which is to do as many pushups as you can in a ten-minute period. The goal is 100.

Again, just a small part. Good grief. 

I did 71 the first day, and man, did it hurt. My arms didn't feel normal again until 5 days later. 

I kind of liked it, though. 

I've been doing it every fifth day since then, which is the schedule that my body seems to tolerate without breaking down. I used to take one day off between weightlifting. Now it's one day on, three days off. 

Old people, damn it. 

Today, I got to 100 for the first time. 

They were good push-ups, too. I didn't cheat on the last 20, or break form, or do anything besides straight pushups. 

I never set "bests" anymore, because decrepitude, but that's a record for pushups at any age. It feels good. 

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