Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Vampire Survivors

I'd been hearing a lot of buzz about this game, even though it's in Early Access, and an attorney for a large gaming company who will not be named emailed me yesterday and told me I needed to try it immediately. 

His opinion has historically been impeccable, so I did. 

As usual, he's right. This game is incredible, stupid fun. All you're doing is guiding your little person around the screen, and all the weapons auto-fire. You collect experience and choose power-ups. There can be hundreds of enemies onscreen at one time, and the constant dopamine hits you get playing this are fantastic. 

It's on Steam, and it's only $2.99, so it's an unreal bargain: Vampire Survivors.

I've been thinking about why this works so well, even though the graphics aren't great in any way, and it's almost even crude in places. It just works, though. The framerate stays high, no matter how many enemies are onscreen. It's also comprehensible. I always understand what's going on, and what I need to do. It's just a simple concept that is wonderfully executed. 

The true test of a game is whether you can still enjoy it when you're not good at it. I'm not good at this game at all. I consistently make it to ten minutes, and then die quickly when the difficulty spikes. I can't get enough of it, though, because it's still incredible fun. 

Also, choose garlic whenever you have a chance. Trust me. 

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