Thursday, February 03, 2022

Friday Links!

 A couple of articles on the perilous state of this country leading off. First, and this is frightening, it's Confederate Flags, Conspiracies, and the Ghost of JFK Jr.: What I Saw at Trump’s Bananas Texas Rally. Next, another part of the problem: Joe “just conversations” Rogan defends misinformation like a classic grifter.

This is very disappointing (also, I should find an old controller and start playing Clone Hero): The World's Best Guitar Hero Player Was A Cheat.

From Steven Kreuch, and obviously, we all need one of these (the product video on the left of the page is hilarious): Assled - Wearable Foldable Snow Sled.

This is a staggering, bizarre story: I was engaged to an undercover police officer - everything in the relationship was a lie.

From David Gloier, and who knew? Baseball, BBQ, and Dead Ponies—A History of Fat Men’s Clubs in Texas. This is really something: Why the FBI Loves Mob Podcasts

From C. Lee, and it explains how Vampire Survivors became an overnight sensation: How ‘Vampire Survivors’ Went From Obscurity to 27,000 People Playing at Once. This is a fascinating review: Unyielding Soil: On Stephen G. Bloom’s “Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes: A Cautionary Tale of Race and Brutality”. A follow-up on the previous link: Lesson of a Lifetime. This is an engrossing comparison of how the cost of goods and services have changed over time: Why Agatha Christie could afford a maid and a nanny but not a car. This is concerning: Did I Turn Off the Stove? Yes, but Maybe Not the Gas. This is such a great story about the relaunch of a very fun game: ‘Broke our hearts’: autistic boy inspires relaunch of popular game. I was wondering about this just last week: The Chinese Takeout Box is As American As Baseball and Apple Pie

From Wally, and if you ever wondered which generation someone belonged in, here you go: Generation names explained. Ever wanted to see a demolition sizzle reel? Here you go: CDI - 2021 Highlights. Good advice in the first comment: Rock Collapse - Goûter Route, Goûter Couloir, Mont Blanc. A reasonable question: What the Hell Is This Old Chevy Tahoe Doing in the New Halo Trailer?

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