Monday, February 21, 2022

I've Been Better

I've had this email in my inbox since late October. The subject is "Crippled, wounded, accursed, penniless beast." It was a reminder to tell this story, so even though I'm four months late, here goes.

When Eli 20.6s girlfriend was staying with us after Gloria's memorial, her presence created a peaceful, soothing atmosphere. She always knew what to say, and always had the right tone. It felt safe, which was a huge deal for both Eli and I in that moment.

We decided to play a game of Tales of the Arabian Nights, because it seemed to be a good way to get out of our heads and inhabit another place.

This game generates amazing stories, and most of them are bad. At least, it is the way I play it, because it's more fun to play the game just to make stories than it is to try to win. 

Your character has skills which can be used to turn an encounter in your favor, but my character's skills in this game were totally useless, and I wasn't able to use one for the entire game. 

Well, until my last turn. 

By this point, my afflictions outnumbered my skills. I was crippled, and wounded, and accursed, and penniless. I was also no longer human, because I had been turned into a beast.

Incredibly, though, I still had a chance to win the game. All I had to do was stay in my location for one more turn. I didn't realize this, though, so when a sultan, I chose to use my seafaring skill, upon which he was delighted and sent me off for a worldwide journey. 


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