Thursday, March 10, 2022


Since The Man You Trust is essentially finished in terms of writing (still waiting for the proofreader, but it's all corrections at this point), I've moved on to researching the next book. 

This does not feel satisfying. 

I'm finding that it feels like a bit of a hole. My routine was very stable and secure, and going from working four hours a day on the book to two hours a day on the next book feels strange. 

There's another part of it, too, which is I'm becoming more connected to people and the world, and I'm not sure I like it. Classic introvert. 

I'm getting too many texts. Talking to too many people on the phone. Just feeling disrupted in general. 

What I'm going to try is setting up a schedule where I have more defined time, instead of trying to select the next thing I need to do from a series of huge laundry lists. So talking on the phone will take up a certain time during the day, and returning texts will be the same way (with exceptions for Mom 91.11 and Eli 20.6, of course). 

Maybe then I can figure out if it's the lack of structure or lack of focus that's bothering me most. 

Even though I'm actively researching the next book, it definitely lacks the kind of deep concentration that comes from writing and editing, and without that structure and focus, I feel a bit lost. 

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