Thursday, March 31, 2022

Friday Links!

We're a little light, given my traveling, but enjoy an abbreviated set of links and have a great weekend!

Leading off this week, from Brian B., and what a story: The popular electronics chain that scammed America.

What a story: How George Clinton's iconic "Atomic Dog" came to be through a series of happy accidents.

A thought-provoking experiment: A controlled experiment focuses on improved policing method.

Leading off this week, a story about someone who realized what they enjoyed and what they didn't: Wordle creator describes game’s rise, says NYT sale was “a way to walk away”.

From Wally, and this will keep you busy for a while: 10 MUST-READ ALTERNATE HISTORY THRILLERS

I do feel like this every once in a while (and more often in the future, I hope): Watch a frisky pup not walk but bounce down the street.

From C. Lee, and this is not good: Dual use of artificial-intelligence-powered drug discovery. Next, and this is a staggering story, it's Afghanistan’s last finance minister, now a D.C. Uber driver, ponders what went wrong. This is thought-provoking: The man known as ‘Putin’s brain’ envisions the splitting of Europe — and the fall of China. I'm not surprised: Superbug-Infected Chicken Is Being Sold All Over the US. This isn't going well for you, Wayne Pankrantz: Franchise exec’s idea to lower restaurant pay gets harsh rebuke: from public, company. This is brilliant! Genius inventor makes The Office's vacuum toy collector a reality, uses it to suck up and sort Lego.

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