Thursday, March 24, 2022

Friday Links!

I really don't have any words to describe this: The way he goes out of his way to show he’s not faking. Respect.

From Wally, and this fascinates me: This website only shows you Twitch streams no one else is watching. An excellent read: Bureaucratizing science fiction. This is an amazing look at low orbit objects: Low earth orbit. This is terrifying: Metal Pipe Launched from Highway Smashes Through Windshield || ViralHog. This is ugly: DC Sues Grubhub For Allegedly Deceptive Business Practices

From C. Lee, and it seems like an unlikely headline: Japanese Cat Lovers Power Medical Innovation: Today Feline Kidney Disease—Tomorrow Alzheimer’s? I'm sure I've been called a few: All the Terrible Slang Your Doctor Is Using Behind Your Back. This is stunning: Dentist broke his patients’ teeth to make millions installing crowns, jury finds. This is my shocked face: These Are The Cars Most Commonly Owned By People With DUIs. I'm so old I remember this: What Happened the Last Time the U.S. Tried to Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent? The world's oldest story: Sex Worker Brides & the Rise of “Millionaires” in the Twisted Tale of a Forgotten Economic Crash

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