Monday, March 28, 2022

Real VR Fishing

I bought a VR fishing game for the Quest 2. Of course.

I have a long fondness for fishing mini-games in RPGs, and fishing games in general. So when I saw a game called "Real VR Fishing," I bought it, even though I expected it to be terrible. 

As it turns out, though, it's pretty great. 

The developers are Korean, so you start out with 20 locations in Korea (each one has to be earned by catching fish, so it unlocks gradually). The fishing mechanics on easy are fun and very "gamey," but higher difficulties feel much more realistic and require better performance on your part. 

The feeling of fishing is very strong, which is what surprised me the most. Also strong is the sense of location. At various locations there were cherry blossoms in the wind, or fireflies, or any number of special touches, which add to a remarkable sense of immersion. 

There are both freshwater and saltwater locations. I finally unlocked a saltwater location (still in Korea), and I was catching salmon when a shark attacked one that I had on the line, and suddenly, I was fighting a shark instead. It was fantastic, and incredibly fun, and no, I didn't land the shark. 

Apparently you can, though. 

There's also a Western States DLC (U.S.) that adds 76 new species of fish to catch, and the locations (20 new ones) are all beautiful. 

For someone who has very warm memories of fishing, but doesn't want to go through the entire pain in the ass process to actually fish, it's perfect. And it's very clear that the developers have been very, very thorough in their development of this game, even including aquariums in the fishing lodges that you can fill with your catches. 

Eli 20.7 and I are planning some fishing multiplayer soon. 

Here's a link: Real VR Fishing.

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