Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Future

Eli 20.7 and I were playing Walkabout Mini-Golf on the Quest 2 last Thursday, and we were talking about what our relationship would be like in the future. 

It's going to be different. Well, not so different from this year, because it's already transitioning, but it's going to be physically more distant than it was a few years ago. He is going to be working all over the world, probably, and changing locations every few years, and it's not going to be financially feasible for me to follow him. 

There's a bit of sadness, realizing that, but I also know that the reason it's happening is because of all the things he's accomplished and the amazing opportunities he's going to have. And I feel happy for him, and lucky to be able to see his life.

We both realized while we were talking last week that virtual reality is going to allow us to have a much closer relationship than would be possible just talking on the phone. Because the controllers track your hand movements, it makes your physical presence seem much more real. Eli said I use the same mannerisms in mini-golf that I use in real golf, and it makes it seem like I'm actually there. 

It's the same for me, looking at him. 

Eli said he understands how the metaverse might actually work someday, and even though I hope Facebook isn't the one to succeed with it, I understand what he means. There might be a day when we're separated by thousands of miles, but we're in the same art museum, talking about the exhibits as we walk through, side-by-side. 


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