Thursday, April 14, 2022

Mystery Intermission

I got a COVID booster yesterday and it wrecked me. I spent last night and this morning sweating through my clothes, and I ache almost as much as I did from the regular vaccine. 

So let's talk about a mystery in London. 

Because Eli 20.8 was staying with me, I splurged and stayed at the Hilton across from Hyde Park. It was utterly fantastic, if you ignored the price (painful), but there was one absolutely fantastic facet of the operation that we discussed at length: there was a bathroom code. 

This one:

This was for the lobby bathroom, which was actually down the stairs from the lobby. 

The lock on the door to enter the bathroom area had ten numbers and ten letters on it as possible entries (the old pushbutton lock).

I looked at Eli. "I think they've secured the nuclear launch codes."

"Hold on," Eli said. We both started calculating. 

"If I'm doing the math right, it's sixty-four-million possible combinations," I said. 

"They take bathroom security very seriously in this country," he said. 

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