Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Oxford and London

We spent a second day in Oxford, and Eli 20.8 showed me a regular day in his life, which I really enjoyed. Worked at a cafe together. Went to see his dorm room (which is small but quite nice). Saw the libraries where he studies. Had lunch at his regular sandwich place (they called out his order as soon as he walked in, and they always jump the line for him). Then we ate at a Nepalese restaurant that night (cheap and very, very good).

On Sunday, we went to London, and within hours, we were at the West Ham vs. Everton game. In the second row, for my birthday.

If you click on the picture to enlarge, you can see that we were within twenty yards of the field. Soccer is so, so much better in person than on TV (American football is the reverse). There were only two small video boards in the stadium, and they not only didn't show a feed of the game, they almost never showed replays, either. If you didn't pay attention, you  missed it. 

Which was great, actually. 

The whole thing had so much less hype than an American football game. No anthem. No pre-match performative patriotism. Players just walked out and played. It was fantastic. 

I know I only rarely post picture of myself, but here's an exception:

After the game, we went to the best mini-golf course I've ever played. I had sent Eli a link to London's best mini-golf courses and asked him to pick one, and he did. 

It was amazing and very, very difficult. 

There was an attached, multi-story driving range (basically, Top Golf with a different name), and this was the view from the restaurant:

It couldn't have been a nicer day.

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