Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Random Goofy Trip Things


Not frozen, just next to the bread. We bought some, of course. Eli 20.8s comment: "Not bad, but they need work."

When I said everyone was on their food game in London, here's an example:

I got this waffle at some random place near the hotel. Definitely not a fancy restaurant or anything, just a normal little shop, and I ordered a waffle (it cost seven pounds) and got this. Next-level presentation.

Eli said that people in England were obsessed with American candy, which explained why there were candy shops every three blocks, it seemed. It might also explain this at the Dulles airport (D.C.) on the way back:

Absolutely MASSIVE bags of candy, presumably on sale for people about to leave the U.S. to return home. 

All right, enough food stuff. I told Eli he could help me find one piece of adult clothing on the trip, which he enthusiastically signed up for.

We failed. It's not easy for me to be an adult, or to look like one. 

However, we did see this:

"Look, it's a cargo shirt!" I said. "Could I wear this with cargo shorts and have a theoretically infinite number of pockets?"

Last picture, on the way home. I had a backpack and a carry-on case. This guy did not:

I don't know what's inside all those suitcases. Maybe candy.

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