Wednesday, May 18, 2022

A Few London Conversations

I told Eli 20.10 he could help me find one item of adult clothing. I mentioned this before, and that we failed, but I forgot this snippet (that I wrote down and forgot to use).

"Dad, when you get nice clothing, you take care of it and it lasts a long time."

"So what you're telling me is if I buy cheap clothing, I don't have to make that effort?" I asked.

"Not the message I was trying to send there," he said.

We were in a pub one night (six hundred years old or something like that. We all stooped because the beams were put up to accommodate 15th century Englishmen). 

"You know, I've never really liked beer," I said. 

"Why not?" Eli asked. 

"Because it tastes like beer," I said. "I feel like that makes perfect sense."

"It doesn't," he said. 

Eli also told me that he has a very good French accent, and I asked him how. He said he just lowers his voice an octave and speaks faster. 


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