Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Mother's Day

Eli 20.10 was in Paris on Mother's Day. 

He called me from the airport and we talked about many things. We had a gentle laugh about how Gloria would always be disgruntled on Mother's Day, no matter what we did for her. 

She planted tulip bulbs in the garden last fall, before her passing, and when I drove by the house a few days ago, they'd come up. That made both of us happy. 

I've come to realize something important about Eli in the last week or so, and it's a quality I should foster in myself, too. Since his mom died, he's fought for his happiness. He's grieved, and is still grieving, but he never let his grieving define him. Instead, he actively seeks out happiness, and leaves room for it in his life. 

That might sound odd. After a tragedy, though, many people are unable to leave any room in their life for happiness. I don't mean it as an indictment. It's just that tragedy has a kind of gravity that always presses down on you. It lowers you to the ground. 

Eli feels that gravity, and he just stands up even straighter to compensate. I have so much respect for him. 

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