Monday, June 06, 2022

Cleaning and Whatnot

Much to my surprise, after only six days, the house looks great. Great to me, anyway. 

Also, much to much to my surprise, I feel great, too. 

No problem sleeping at night. No depression over being back in the house I worked so hard to leave. I'm actually very happy to be here, which I didn't expect at all. 

As I was bringing in my stuff and organizing everything in the house, I remembered something that I learned at the apartment. I always thought of cleaning as a compartmentalized process, but it's not. Organizing the space you're living in is a big part of cleaning, because if the space is too cluttered, you can't clean very well. You could dutifully put in your cleaning time every week, but if your stuff isn't organized properly (clutter creates too many uncleanable areas), the space will never really be clean. 

I've also found that (much like the Inspector) I enjoy restoring order.

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