Monday, June 13, 2022

Exit Strategy

I believe I mentioned once that Eli 20.10 had been drafted into service as a field hockey goalie for his college's team. 

He'd never played field hockey before, so he just played the position like a hockey goalie, which was both ridiculous and extremely effective: he gave up 3 goals in 11 games. And his team kept getting better and better, finishing the regular season undefeated (with several 0-0 ties). They made it to the playoffs, which no one expected at the start of the season.

Oxford has 40 colleges, and intramurals are called "Cuppers" and are fiercely contested. As you can imagine, with 40 colleges, winning a Cupper is a big deal. 

His college was founded in 1282 and had never won a Cupper in field hockey. 

They have now. 

Eli flies to Bogota on Saturday. Not a bad way to go out. 

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