Thursday, June 02, 2022

Friday Links!

Leading off this week: US gun violence is a health crisis with evidence-based solutions, experts plea

From Wally, and it's a classic: Due to the recent actions of a specific tenant, we have been forced to update our community rules. This is fantastic: I rode a giant mechanical elephant. You can too.

From C. Lee, and I always wondered who wrote this: He Wrote The Onion’s Famous Mass-Shooting Headline. It Still Haunts Him. Next, it's 30 Years of Gun Manufacturing in America. This is a fascinating read: The Real Story of Pinocchio Tells No Lies. This is terrific (ritual for writers is very important, too): How David Lynch Got Creative Inspiration? By Drinking a Milkshake at Bob’s Big Boy, Every Single Day, for Seven Straight Years. This is an incredible story: Why Did the U.S. Government Amass More Than a Billion Pounds of Cheese? An interesting approach: How Amazon, American Airlines And Subaru Burn Waste To Make Energy  This is quite a surprise (unless you're Swedish): #Swedengate Explodes on Twitter as Americans Express Shock Over Swedes’ Refusal to Feed Guests.

From Ken P., and it's still not worth it: Mind-Altering Parasite May Make Infected People More Attractive, Study Suggests. This will be interesting; Warp drive experiment to turn atoms invisible could finally test Stephen Hawking's most famous prediction

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