Thursday, June 16, 2022

Friday Links!

Leading off, and this fellow is just amazing: The world's biggest John Bonham fan is a drummer covering full Led Zeppelin concerts on Youtube. It's a huge rabbit hole, and what I never realized is how incredibly complex Bonham's use of the bass drum was--two pedals with both feet flying.

This is an astonishing story: Escape from Auschwitz: the most extraordinary Holocaust story you’ve never heard

I'm definitely buying the book: Meet Harold Gillies, the WWI surgeon who rebuilt the faces of injured soldiers.

I felt like this the entire time I was writing The Man You TrustWhy is This Tiny Frog So Awful at Jumping?

From Ken P., and this is fascinating: Scientists map brain network linked to addiction. Talk about bad blood: Elephant tramples woman to death, then attacks her corpse at funeral. This is amazing: The Brain Has a ‘Low-Power Mode’ That Blunts Our Senses. This is quite wonderful: A nonspeaking valedictorian with autism shares her voice in commencement address.

From Wally, and it's a terrific read: How the sandwich consumed Britain

From C. Lee, and this is concerning: US can’t afford fall boosters for all—even after cuts to test and PPE spending. This is unreal (may have to register): Australian traveller strip-searched, held in US prison and deported over little-known entry requirement. Same: AZ man spent 17 days in jail for crime he didn’t commit. He blames American Airlines. One of the greatest photos of all time: Tank Man. An interesting question: Why Is Wine (Almost) Always Made From Grapes? An excellent read: From Sourdough to Inflation: How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Eat. This sounds terrific: Play “Artle,” an Art History Version of Wordle: A New Game from the National Gallery of Art.

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