Thursday, July 14, 2022

And He's Gone And Done It

One of Eli's favorite English phrases is "And he's gone and done it," which is both a description and a bit of a joke, if I understand it correctly. 

I wrote a few years ago about how it would be great to have a weightlifting program that consisted of weights with constantly shifting loads. In a glamorous reveal, I got the idea while I was carrying in a 40-lb. bag of cat litter--pine pellets, which moved constantly as I tried to carry the bag. Eli agreed, and we both forgot about it. 

I saw last night that someone had done, it though, in exactly the way I imagined. It's called Tidal Tank, and it's basically just a transparent cylinder partially filled with water, which is going to go all over the place when you lift it. 

Of course I ordered one. It was only $69, and after all it was my idea (sort of).

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