Thursday, July 14, 2022

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, and what an expose, it's: Uber emails: Exec admits “we’re not legal,” another claims we’re all “pirates”

Mike G. sent in a link to a free app that identifies bird songs after my post earlier this week, and here it is: What bird is singing? Merlin Bird ID app offers instant answers.

From Christopher S., and it includes the great line "If you have the right people hating you, it makes you stronger": How Cult New Wave Band Devo Predicted Our Doom-Scroll Era.

From C. Lee, and if you can stand being cold in the morning (I can't), it's a great idea: How to Supercool Your Home and Why You Should. Assassinated last week, Shinzo Abe was many destructive directions at once: Shinzo Abe Was ‘Trump Before Trump’—Except He Pulled It Off. This is a fantastic read: Mary Sears’ Pioneering Ocean Research Saved Countless Lives in WWII. I hadn't even thought about this: The Danger of License Plate Readers in Post-Roe America. An interesting question: Does Plan B Have a Weight Limit?  This is important; The Suicide Prevention Lifeline Is Getting a New Number. Welcome to the era where you buy something without actually owning it: Sony removing purchased Studio Canal content from PlayStation libraries. Gridiron Solitaire is unfortunately not part of this revenue stream: What income can you get from your old indie PC games?

From jdv, and it's quite odd: Sunlight Might Make Men Hungrier Through Hormonal Changes, Study Suggests.

From Wally, and it's useful (and quite accurate): How to survive a knife attack. I've never had any of these: The Best Regional American Candy Bars. For science fiction/fantasy poetry fans: 2022 Rhysling Award Readings: Short Poem Nominees.

From Eric Higgins-Freese, and my sodium level is usually too low, so I hope I get away with it: Adding salt to food at table can cut years off your life, study finds.

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