Monday, July 25, 2022


All we had available for lunch was a large protein bar or five small chocolate chip cookies. Eli 20.11 was working in the study and I didn't want to bother him. 

Sophie's choice, but magnified. What was the best thing to leave for him?

I went with the cookies, due to some complicated reasoning. 

Two days later, Eli discovered the theft. "Wait, you ate all the cookies? What?"

"I had to choose between the protein bar, which I wanted to save for you, and the cookies. Allow me to step you through the decision-making process."

Eli is already laughing. "I can't wait to hear this."

"I wanted to optimize the situation for both of us, so I asked myself which one of us was better suited to have cookies for lunch. Given my nutritional history, I thought it was absolutely clear"--I'm laughing now, too, and I can barely even talk--"that I was the one who would could handle it better."

My eyes are watering. He's leaning onto a wall for support as he laughs.  He looks at me. "That's the worst explanation I've ever heard."

"Also," I said, "cold cookies from the refrigerator are delicious. Why did you never tell me about that?" 

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