Thursday, July 21, 2022


I finished a plot summary for This Doesn't Feel Like the Future (the prequel to The Man You Trust) on Monday. It's 30 pages, single-spaced, and it's a full story. 

It took about two months, which is over a year less than it took for the first book. I've learned a ton in the last six years, and I'm going to leverage it all this time. 

The drafts are where characters fight amongst themselves for print time. Some become more interesting as they evolve, while others shrink in significance. The story reveals itself to you in ways you didn't understand. I feel like I'm more ready to handle the process this time.

I'm also reasonably confident that while the first book took over six years, this one will only take four, and I'm being conservative when I say that. I'll inevitably be wrong, but I'm so, so far ahead of where I was last time after a few months. 

I'll spend the next month revising this (in consult with Eli 20.11 and John Harwood), and then I'll start writing in late August when he goes back to school. 

In other news, there's no news on the licensing front, although someone is working the issue on my behalf. 

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