Thursday, August 04, 2022

We Have A Winner

"I know the worst job in the world," I said confidently. We were watching a basketball game (TBT, in case you're wondering). 

The audio kept dropping out because ESPN is so cheap they single-track audio, which means if there's audible cursing, instead of muting a single channel of the audio, they just mute everything, which sounds stupid as hell and also totally amateurish. 

"What job?" Eli 21.0 asked. "I have a few candidates myself." 

"It's this guy," I said, pointing at the television. "They guy whose only job is to listen for obscenities so he can dump the audio before we can hear it. That's literally his entire job." 

"That's a strong case. How long do you think he has?"

"I bet it's either a three or five second delay from live," I said. "So his professional reputation exists in a five-second window. Besides being the most boring job on earth, he can also never let his guard down. He has to always pay attention. And it's not like he gets paid well, because ESPN is too cheap to have multi-track audio in the first place."

I won't be putting in my application anytime soon.

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