Monday, September 12, 2022

Behold the Magnificent

The strip mall next to my little golf course is magnificent. Feast your eyes on this collection:
Rosary Book & Gift
Sudanese beauty salon
International supermarket
Hobby shop
Rent a Center
Thai restaurant
Temp agency
Spas and hot tubs
Global gifts
Mexican candy store
Mexican restaurant
Outlet store (of what, unknown)
Brazilian jiu jitsu
Nails and spa
Boutique and beauty
Escape rooms
Top tier grooming (male? female? who knows?)
Smoke shop
Buffalo wild wings

A person could live for weeks without leaving the confines of this strip mall. I could get a job from the temp agency, buy my uniform, make money, enjoy multiple restaurants, stay well-groomed, buy gifts for the holidays, take up a hobby, take up smoking, buy a hot tub, buy insurance for the hot tub, and learn how to defend myself if someone came to steal the hot tub. 

When their brazen plot failed, I would hand them a piece of Mexican candy in consolation.

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