Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Fighting for Big Things

Carlos Alcaraz is a tennis player, and he's only nineteen, but he said something very wise last week after winning his semifinal match in the U.S. Open: "It's amazing to be able to fight for big things."

I thought it was surprisingly profound, particularly because he didn't say it was amazing to win. It was amazing to fight to win. 

This distinction, naturally, made me think about Eli 20.1. His life has been defined by his fight for big things, even when he was small. He didn't always win--he often lost, actually--but he always fought.

His dreams have always been outlandish. He wanted to play professional hockey when he was 10.0 (and for years after that). He didn't, but he fought for it like a professional. He had the attitude of someone who does make it, and I think that helped him in countless ways when he wanted to fight for other, big things. 

Now he fights for big things and wins, often in outlandish ways, but I think much of what makes him successful is that he was always able to shake off the discouragement of losing. Maybe not right away, but it never discouraged him from continuing to find big things, and to fight for them. He never thought losing was a judgment of his worth, which is very, very difficult to do.

At least, it always was for me.

I have so much respect for his attitude. I try to be more like that myself now.

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