Monday, October 10, 2022

A Day

I prepared for a bad day, but it was mostly just a day. 

I watched a movie. I played golf. I went through a file cabinet of Gloria's old records (she kept everything), sorting through what needed to be kept. 

I'd been putting that off, but it seemed like time. 

Eli 20.2 called me this morning and asked if I could generate (via Midjourney) a picture of Moses praying on a soccer field. This is what happens when you use an art-generating computer program. 

I think the reason this day turned out to be not much is because I prepared for it. I expected it to be a big deal. I was ready. The reason Bank of America wrecked me last week was precisely because I wasn't expecting it (I mean, who would?). 

So, a day. Tomorrow, another one. And life goes on.

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