Wednesday, October 26, 2022

At Least a Tiny Bit of Encouragement

Kanye West certainly isn't the first celebrity to show his overt anti-Semitism, and unfortunately, he won't be the last, either. 

At least this time, though, there's been a response, and the response is significant. That seems hopeful. 

And those people who are saying, "Sure, he said anti-Semitic things, but you know what's really hateful? Jewish people trying to take away his livelihood. That's the real crime!" Yeah, the people saying that are assholes, and they're anti-Semitic, and you know what? They're probably racist and sexist, too, because those Venn diagrams overlap almost completely. 

It seems inevitable that Kanye will make some announcement within a week that either
1) he's having a mental health crisis (note: that doesn't make you a racist), or
2) he's stepping away for a while to learn to become a better person. 

I'm sure he'll also be sorry for all the people he's offended. 

In a strange way, this feels like progress. Be an asshole. Get slapped hard. That seems like the correct, natural order of things. 

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