Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Conflict Mode

I suddenly find myself in conflict mode and I don't know why. 

The anniversary of Gloria's accident is Monday. I was hoping for a quiet week, then a trip to see Eli 21.2 on Saturday to watch women's volleyball (Nebraska vs. Michigan). We're both pretty pumped. 

Monday, though, Bank of America (the conference call from hell). Now I'm in dispute with a foundation company that charged a considerable amount of money to repair a room off the back of the house with a 2" slant. They said (in an email) that the chances of success were "99.9%". I paid the money, they did some kind of work, and now that room still has a 2" slant. I'm having to go back and forth with them, and somehow, they make it sound like they're the customer, not me. 

This afternoon, I got a jury summons. Well-played, universe.

I don't know if this all feels worse because the anniversary of the accident is coming up (and a few people around me are melting down, though not Eli), or this is just a weird cycle of stupid things happening all at once. 

Either way, it's definitely not fun. 

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