Thursday, October 06, 2022

Friday Links!

This is a wonderful, poignant article that I originally saw linked through RPS: Stone Skipping Is a Lost Art. Kurt Steiner Wants the World to Find It.

The least surprising thing ever: Our ancestors ate a Paleo diet. It had carbs.

This is also the least surprising thing ever (wait, can there be two?), because the whole notion that not having helmets in football would reduce concussions, using rugby as an example, was patently ridiculous: Rugby urged to cut matches as study finds players’ risk of MND is 15 times higher.

This is a terrific read, and the book looks amazing: Michael Zagaris Had The Backstage Pass Of A Lifetime.

From Wally, and this seems insane (but popular): Would you buy a $400 Marvel action figure? Thousands of people can’t wait. It's a great brief, too: Area Man Is Arrested for Parody. The Onion Files a Supreme Court Brief. This is fantastic: Amazing talent. This is why you never write expecting to make a living from it: Short stories: How much do you make? How do you sell one? How long does it take to write? 

From C. Lee, and so many people get their feelings hurt about progress: Italian Nobel Prize Winner in Hot Water Over Cooking Tip. This is so ridiculous, and why am I even surprised? I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller: Inside the World of Leg Lengthening. Ugh: Hobbits and the Hard Right: How Fantasy Inspires Italy’s Potential New Leader. That's quite a substantial otter, sir: In Prehistoric Ethiopia, Otters Were as Big as Lions. History corrected: San Francisco’s Famous Sourdough Was Once Really Gross. An absolutely delightful game: He made a silly trombone video game. Then the internet caught wind. 

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