Monday, October 31, 2022

That's Right: Costume Count2021

Sure, it's been 364 days. 

I'm bloodied but unbowed, though, and I compiled all the data. Please note that Costume Count 2022 will be compiled approximately 350 days sooner. 

712 total costumes as trick or treating returned to semi-normal after COVID. 

Places reporting:
East Grand Rapids, Michigan
Fate, Texas
Seattle, Washington
Canton, Michigan
Waterford, Massachusetts
St. Paul, Minnesota
Huntsville, Alabama
Woodlands, Texas

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Toronto, Ontario
Halifax, Nova Scotia


The Top Ten:
Princess (41)
Witch (38)
Skeleton (22)
Spiderman (22)
Cat (20)
Zombie (15)
Clown (10)
Fairy (10)
Mario (9)
Pirate (9)

The top ten is interesting, because along with eight generally classic costumes, Spiderman and Mario snuck in there (and there were Luigi's (4), Princess Peach (1), and Bowser (1) in the Mario universe as well). And it's somehow fitting that almost as many girls want to be witches as princesses (although there were a disappointing number of Wonder Women this year (4).

Missed opportunity: Winnie the Pooh (3), Piglet (2), and Tigger (1) made an appearance, but where was Eeyore?

Mysteries: "evil rabbit samurai," "fat Thor," "Swedish rocker," "vaguely scary inline skater teen." Also, there was "Jasmine from live action Aladdin," and you have to respect the distinction.

All, in all a fine year, even with the additional year before results were available. Blame Pennsylvania.

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