Tuesday, January 24, 2023


I know. It's a highly unusual title for a post in this space. 

I made salmon last night for the first time. Why haven't I made it before? I don't know. I guess I was busy.

This is all part of the new healthy eating regimen, which basically means eating nothing I like and replacing it with things I don't. 

I'm learning, though. Slowly. 

I sent a picture of the salmon to Eli 21.5 last night, along with this text:
I feel like Christopher
Columbus, but without the

He's been incredibly encouraging, as he always is, and he's a fine cook, so he's also been very helpful. He made salmon with a dijon rub while he was home for the holidays, and I was trying to copy that, except I made a dijon/brown sugar rub. 

The rub didn't cook off like I expected, so it remained a bit enthusiastic:

One thing I'm struggling with while cooking multiple dishes is the need for six arms.

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