Wednesday, January 25, 2023

IGF Finalists 2023!

Here are your finalists for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize:
Betrayal at Club Low (Cosmo D Studios)
IMMORTALITY (Sam Barlow, Half Mermaid)
Neon White (Angel Matrix)
Not For Broadcast (NotGames)
The Case of the Golden Idol (Color Gray Games)

Honorable Mentions: Citizen Sleeper (Jump Over the Age), Hardspace: Shipbreaker (Blackbird Interactive), Roadwarden (Moral Anxiety Studio), RPG Time: The Legend of Wright (DeskWorks Inc.), Terra Nil (Free Lives), Tinykin (Splashteam).

Having made one, I can say without hesitation that making a game is hard. Making a game that is innovative and has broad appeal is much, much harder.

I've been meaning to pick up Betrayal at Club Low for some time, and I think this is the kick in the pants I needed. 

Oh, and there are many more categories of awards, and you can see them all here: 2023 INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL FINALISTS.

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