Wednesday, February 01, 2023

A Project

One of my closest friends is going to Austin for a few months to escape the Michigan winter. It's a clever plan.

She's made a profound impact on my life, in all the best ways. I wanted to make her something special before she left.

I can conceive of beautiful things. What I cannot do, however, is actually make them. I see crafty things in my head, but I'm not a crafty person. At all.

As a result, I've often had elaborate ideas in my head that never nearly looked as good when I finished them. 

This time, though, was different. 

Remember I mentioned excitement boxes a few weeks ago? This was a variation on that idea. 

Here's what it looked like from the outside. 

A mystery, right? Also a mystery how I managed to pull this off. 

This was the inside.

This is looking through the little window you can see in the previous picture. There are strings of fairy lights inside, with gold stars painted on the blue, map-color walls. 

I wanted something childlike, as a sense of wonder. 

Suspended in the air are origami birds (to be fair, they're closer to "messigami"). On each of the birds, if you unfold them, there's a message inside. Mostly Winnie the Pooh quotes, but a few others as well. 

It's art that's meant to be consumed, particularly on a blue day. 

It made me happy when it was done. My friend, too. 

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