Thursday, May 18, 2023

A Sudden Change and More Vietnam

I've noticed over the years that acknowledging something, particularly publicly, often takes away the power it has over me. 

I had a long list of tasks to do today. Three, in particular, were the kinds of tasks that could stretch out for weeks as I avoided them. 

Today, though, I did all three. 

Just putting a problem in words helps it feel less substantial. In my case, it was a goofy problem, and the words helped highlight its goofiness. 

I'm sure I'll do it again, sometimes, but not so often, I hope, and not for so long. 

Meanwhile, in Vietnam...

Eli 21.9 is working his way toward Ho Chi Minh City (we remember it as Saigon). They'll leave Vietnam on Saturday or Sunday, and I think they're headed toward either Malaysia or Singapore next. 

He played nine-ball with an excellent pool player (who also owned the bar) and said it was fantastic. Those are my favorite moments on trips—not landscapes, or tourist attractions, but interactions with people. It really doesn't sound like me (at all), but it's true. 

Two more pictures. First, their Airbnb in Haiphong:

Everything is so incredibly green in Vietnam:

It's also hot, as hot as Vietnam has ever been this time of the year. 101F yesterday, with a heat index of 115F.

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