Monday, May 15, 2023

It's Odd

I have an odd reaction to certain things. I'm still trying to figure out why. 

An example: I needed to renew my passport. This is a reasonably simple process. Even with lengthy directions (longer than the form itself), it's no more than a two-hour commitment, at most, and that includes the trip to the post office. 

It took me nearly a month. 

Almost a month of putting the task on my daily Post-it-note (my life organizer for tasks), marking everything else off, and not getting it done, to then be transferred to tomorrow's Post-it-note.

What makes this so odd is that I get up in the morning, every day, and write 500 words on the next novel. I edited the first book every day, for years. When I found out I had a diet issue that was causing some arterial blockage, I stopped eating saturated fat and cholesterol overnight. 

Yet, for other, relatively trivial things, I find it almost impossible to get started. 

I find it difficult to be relentlessly efficient in large parts of my life but utterly ridiculous in others. 

This came up because I finally mailed off the passport renewal application this morning, after a month of delay. I've been thinking about it today, wondering why I am like I am. 

Like we all do.

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